Happy Ring feels what you feel

Discover how real-time mood tracking can change your life. Reserve your spot on our waitlist for only $5.

A smarter
smart ring

A smarter smart ring

stress all day

Measures stress all day

Superior sleep
tracking all night

Superior sleep tracking all night

The first wearable for your mind

No other device helps you discover a deeper understanding of you. By measuring your focus, calm, stress, sleep patterns and more, Happy Ring connects the dots between your mental and physical health.

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Better stress

Happy Ring helps you learn the difference between healthy stress that aids in performance and toxic stress that wears you out.

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Better sleep

Sleep is foundational for stress recovery and your total wellbeing. Happy Ring goes beyond just tracking “Zs” — it empowers you to optimize your sleep routine via better data. It’s the most sophisticated sleep tracker. Ever.

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Better habits

Train your nervous system to be less nervous. The Happy iOS app offers you personalized routines and coaching backed by science. And you’ll see what really works for you via biofeedback.

Know yourself

A simple score from 1-100 shows how you’re feeling in the moment and tracks your mood throughout the day.

The first social wearable

Welcome to a new kind of social network — not built on likes or follower counts, but empathy. Happy Ring members can see how close friends and family are doing day to day. By understanding what each other are really feeling, we can be there with more meaningful support. And our advanced encryption keeps you in charge of your data at all times.

Best in class Accuracy

Most sophisticated tracker ever

4 skin electrodes, 4 wavelengths of light, 3-axis movement tracking and 2 temperature sensors for 24/7 brain and body monitoring.

Next-gen biometric sensors

Designed with top neuroscientists to sense your stress level in real-time using electrodermal activity (EDA).

Industry leading sleep accuracy

Imagine having a clinical sleep lab on your finger every night. Happy Ring is proven to outperform any other tracker on the market by independent sleep researchers.

Always learning

Thanks to the power of adaptive AI, your readings keep getting more intelligent and personalized the longer you wear your Happy Ring.

Sleek as it is smart

Diamond-hard ceramic design offers style, comfort and durability.

Life is measured in more than steps and minutes

Happiness comes from within

Our purpose is simple — to help you know yourself.

Happy Ring is committed to transforming mental health the way other wearables have redefined physical health. Join us and let’s spark a happier world together.

It’s time to get Happy

Put the science of happiness at your fingertips. Reserve your Happy Ring for just $5.

Tech specs & features


  • ISO certified, non-allergenic
  • Scratch resistant ceramic exterior
  • Medical grade platinum skin sensors
  • Water resistant up to 1 meter
  • Comfort-fit “pillows” reduce movement and improve comfort


  • Available sizes: US 6-12
  • Dimensions: 2.4mm thick x 8mm wide
  • Weight: 4-6 grams (depending on size)
  • Free ring sizing kit ships with every order

Battery life & charging

  • 2+ day battery life
  • Full charge in about an hour


  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • iOS only — iPhone 6 and above

Live stress

Visualize your stress in real time. Zoom in to a specific moment or zoom out to discover larger trends.


See your data over time, discovering day to day, week to week and even weekend trends.


Get personalized daily exercises, insights and notifications that are all clinically proven to help you manage and recover from stress.

Heart rate

Conveniently measure your daytime and nighttime heart rate. Uncover broader health trends.

Sleep tracking

Validated by researchers to be the most accurate sleep device on the market. Monitors sleep duration, stages, quality, restlessness, regularity and more.


Follow close friends, share how you’re feeling and manage stress together. Your data is always safe with state-of-the-art encryption and you control what people see.

Bedtime guidance

Receive bedtime recommendations and content based on needs to help you fall asleep quicker and sleep more restfully.

See world stress

Check in on how the world is doing. And connect with celebrities that are helping lead the mental health revolution. Your data is always private.

Breathing exercises

Access a library of scientifically-backed breathing exercises to help you achieve greater focus, calm, and energy, and fall asleep faster.


A combination of medical-grade PPG and temperature sensors, plus proprietary next gen EDA sensors make Happy the most advanced device on the market.


Tap into the wisdom of modern and ancient experts with daily inspirational quotes and 60-second guided journaling.

Apple Health

Automatically sync your data with Apple Health.


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