The future of healthcare is in your hands.

Meet the most capable and comfortable medical device ever. With accuracy validated to the strictest clinical standards and all-day comfort exceeding the most discerning consumer standards.


Better outcomes through continuous data.

Happy Ring combines proprietary, next-gen biometric sensors and generative AI to deliver personalized medical insights that vastly improve patient outcomes. Whether you’re developing new medications or treating at-home patients, precision healthcare begins with better data.

“The new standard for remote patient monitoring in clinical trials and home-based healthcare.”
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Looks smart because it is.

Happy Ring is the only wearable to reliably measure brain and body biomarkers simultaneously. It has been verified in FDA-certified labs to exceed clinical standards in multiple use cases. Pending 510k and CE clearances.

As simple to use as it is to wear.

Running clinical trials and managing patient care is hard enough. Happy Ring is here to make life easier with one-tap device setup, real-time compliance reporting, event-driven alerting and notifications, automated data transfer, logistics management, EHR integrations, and much more.


More accurate data from the finger with greater comfort and reliability than watches.1,2


Clinical studies have repeatedly “found that the smart ring is the most reliable modality with the least amount of missing data.“ 3,4

the gap between clinical trials and clinical care.

Edge-based computing and instantaneous data processing allow your new discoveries to be used on real patients in the real world, in near real-time.

Getting breakthrough medicines to patients faster

Reduce recruitment times
Enhance enrollment diversity 
Improve patient retention 
Assess safety and efficacy more quickly
Differentiate with companion diagnostics

Enabling continuous, at- home patient monitoring

Save time and reduce errors
Improve outcomes, including fewer readmissions
Ensure seamless care from hospital to home
Optimize treatment to each patient 
Create more accessible, patient-centric care
A clinical
lab wrapped
around your
Heart Rate
Heart rate variability
Blood Oxygen (SpO2)
Respiratory Rate
Sleep Stages
Sleep Onset/Naps
Sleep Quality
Apnea / Hypopnea / Hypoxia
Autonomic events
Cognitive performance / Focus
Skin and Ambient Temperature
Sun (or light) Exposure
CRS onset detection
Seizure detection
On-finger detection
Phone Use
Broad-spectrum PPG
Continuous EDA
Skin and Ambient Temperature
FDA Grade (Pending)
CE Certified (Pending)
GDPR and HIPAA Compliant
IP67 Waterproofing 

When you’re monitoring patients, the last thing you want is to worry about running out of battery.

With extended battery life and smart charge notifications, you can monitor everything you want and have energy to spare.

Up to
36 Hours
7 Days
with normal use.
on low power settings
with normal use.
on low power

Designed with powerful privacy and security in mind.

Designed to protect privacy

Built to be 21 CFR part 11 compliant. Follows HIPAA, NIST, COPPA, GDPR, and CCPA guidelines.

Encrypted and
secure throughout

Built with end-to-end passwordless cryptographic security. Happy does not maintain or have access to a user's encryption keys.

Built with industry standards

Follows SMART on FHIR interoperability standards so users can transmit, share, and download their health data.

Creates a seamless connection

Authentication uses the user’s login credentials and leverages OAuth 2.0 to establish a secure connection to partner platforms.

Powering the next generation of personalized AI health.

Today’s AI models are powered by large amounts of generalized internet data. Imagine what would happen if that big data was instead focused exclusively on one person. The possibilities are endless.

High quality, high frequency multimodal continuous raw data
Clinical grade multi variate digital biomarkers
Visualize on web dashboard or download for deeper analysis 
Cloud integration and SDK available 
ISO certified, non-allergenic
Scratch resistant ceramic exterior
Medical grade platinum skin sensors
Water resistant up to 1 meter (IP67)
Comfort-fit “pillows” reduce
movement and improve comfort
Available sizes: US 6-12 (ships with free sizing kit)
Dimensions: 2.4mm thick x 8mm wide 
Weight: 4-6 grams (depending on size)
Bluetooth Low Energy
iOS only - iOS 15 and above (Android coming soon)
High quality, high frequency multimodal continuous raw data
Clinical grade multi-variate digital biomarkers
Visualize on web dashboard or download for deeper analysis 
Cloud integration and SDK available 
We help people make healthier choices. To make the world a happier place.
–  Happy Health Inc.

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