Reimagining remote and home-based healthcare.

Designed for real-world, all-day monitoring of over 21 patient vitals and health events.

Happy Ring is the new standard for Remote
Patient Monitoring.

Optimizing the delivery of personalized patient care along with easy integration to Tele-health enabled platforms.

Optimize treatment and avoid hospital admissions with real-world, early   event detection
Improve care efficiency by moving from a 9-5 to a 24/7 model of care
Follow care across the entire continuum – from home to hospital
Create more accessible, patient-centric care

Save time and improve outcomes with objective measures of holistic health

Collecting real-world, ambulatory data has never been easier.

Happy Ring is clinical grade (FDA 510(k) and CE clearance pending), highly scalable, HIPAA compliant, and adheres to FHIR standards for data interoperability.

For Patients

Designed for any occasion

Happy Ring’s human-centric visual aesthetic and ergonomic design is perfect for every outfit and every environment.

Built for 24/7 wear

The perfect balance of weight and ruggedness. It has a diamond-hard ceramic exterior that is nearly scratch-proof and is water resistant up to 1 meter. 

Super simple setup

Modern user experience design is intuitive and quick to navigate. Making onboarding, daily use, and patient support  a breeze.

No inputs required

Fully passive data collection means that no data is lost, and the participant never has to remember to complete a measurement.

For Physician Teams

Optimize treatment

Optimize treatment of various disorders by measuring and interpreting digital biomarkers that can signal risk factors for disease.

Engage and empower

Engage and empower patients in their own care to improve disease management.

Reimbursable by insurers

CPT codes maximize clinician reimbursement opportunities.

Reduced chart time

Simplified patient management and reporting, along with EHR integration.

One platform.
Infinite insights.

Happy Care App

The Care app is a companion mobile app for the Happy Ring. Enabling patients to take control of their health through the continuous monitoring of at-home vitals, which can be shared with their physician, care team, and loved ones.

  • iOS compatible (Android™ version coming soon)
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Real-time vital sign monitoring 
  • Best-in-class sleep tracking 
  • Instantaneous alerts and notifications

Happy Care

A web portal for physicians and other members of the care team to easily visualize patient health data and events. Improve patient outcomes by monitoring health trends in real-time.

  • Enroll and manage patients remotely
  • Monitor wear compliance and wear times
  • Visualize real-time data
  • Download health reports
  • Easy access web-based access from any computer

Built to work
with Happy Ring

Happy Ring is the most capable and comfortable medical device ever. With accuracy validated to the strictest clinical standards and all-day comfort exceeding the most discerning consumer standards.

Independently validated,
real world measurements.

FDA-Grade Vitals
Heart rate
Heart rate variability
Blood Oxygen (SpO2)
Respiratory Rate
Research Grade Vitals
Autonomic events
Steps and Activity
Location and movement
Sun exposure
On-Finger Detection
Phone use

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Designed with powerful privacy and security in mind.

Designed to protect privacy

Built to be 21 CFR part 11 compliant. Follows HIPAA, NIST, COPPA, GDPR, and CCPA guidelines.

Encrypted and secure throughout

Built with end-to-end passwordless cryptographic security. Happy does not maintain or have access to a user's encryption keys.

Built with industry standards

Follows SMART on FHIR interoperability standards so users can transmit, share, and download their health data.

Creates a seamless connection

Authentication uses the user’s login credentials and leverages OAuth 2.0 to establish a secure connection to partner platforms.
Rotate your device.